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@jon - this for you:
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    1/2 avocado + garlic salt
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    one of the best/easiest snacks. đź’Ż recommend garlic gold for serious garlic lovers (I get mine on Amazon)
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    1/2 avocado + sesame seeds/nori and the other stuff in Eden shake
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    it's salty and umami-ish? and I promise you'll love it (some Whole Foods and also Amazon)
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    crudités at eye-level
    "Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full.” It’s not bad advice, but what if you’re not really sure? One easy way to gauge hunger is by keeping fresh cut and washed crudités at eye-level in your fridge at all times. If it’s between a meal or snack time and you’re feeling like a snack, go for the crudités. If you don’t want them, you’re probably not really hungry. And if they aren't already washed/sliced it's probably going to feel like too much of a know?
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    if you eat meat, consider keeping a high quality rotisserie chicken in the fridge
    it's crazy hard to consider your big picture goals when you're tired and hungry af. People get home from work/life, they are starving, eat a bunch, and are then so bummed they eat more. Rotisserie chicken is my fav and so easy to throw in a stir fry/big salad/random macro bowl thing.
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    stop chewing sugar-free gum
    lots of people chew sugar-free gum as a weight loss tool, but it's kind of the worst bc of the artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda contain a synthetic chemical called sucralose, which is 600 times sweeter than natural sugar. Bc sucralose is so much sweeter than natural sugar, it overstimulates the taste buds, causing people to crave intensely sweet foods throughout the day. Basically changes the way our tastebuds perceive sweetness --> less likely to want veggies, too