New Years resolutions feel loaded, but I'm always down to try and do better, so these are some of mine for accountability purposes
  1. organize
    this is a big challenge for me (and my V organized hubs). I hired a profesh organizer this year and it changed my LIFE!!! but I gotta keep that up on the regular. and yes, I read Marie Condo (okok listened on audiobook), and loved much of it
  2. get gas before it's super low
    hate everything about the gas station, but I often put if off until the next day and it winds up being a shitstorm. just do it when it gets low, it will be fine
  3. vulnerability
    getting better with this, but I'd like to do it more often with the right peeps. this includes asking for help when I need it
  4. try new recipes
    I have 2 chicken recipes on lock and make them all the time because they are delicious and I could do them in my sleep - but I'd like to experiment more - esp with Israeli food, and soups
  5. prioritize physical therapy
    these herniated disks ain't gonna fix themselves - go to PT and try not to stress about the time suck
  6. hydration
    don't always hydrate enough and it's just not cool. you just have to. everyday. also - I'd like to start making more iced tea at home bc it's lovely to have and I spend way to much $$$ at Alfreds
  7. sunscreen
    just not worth it not to - side note: I got my car windows tinted (the legal degree of tint) and it was a total game changer - highly recommend!!
  8. listen to more podcasts/audiobooks in the car
    I love listening to music and calling ppl back, but I RLY love podcasts/audiobooks and am always so happy when I use my car time that way. anyone read/listened to big magic??? if not, you must - wish I could spotless mind and erase mine in order to go back to the beginning again. any good podcast suggestions?? I gotta have them pre-downloaded and ready to go or else it feels like a whole thing
  9. whoa...this was personal, but I think I'm ok with that