he has my ears and toes and mole on left cheek and is the best love I have ever known personally
  1. naming him
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    went into weird sterile hospital room where he was born (v different from luxe room that mom checked in to w, like, hardwood floors) and mom asked "what do you think?" and I knew what she meant and said Tomer, Tommy for short and she said okay. usually call him tombucha or mouse but god, that was cool
  2. holding on to me, face burrowed in my neck
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    dinner party 2012, surrounded by strangers and no parents in sight. I am the next best thing
  3. the first time he asked me what I had done earlier that day when he hadn't seen me
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    backseat of a car in Nesher, Israel. realized I existed to him even when I wasn't in front of him and that his brain was effectively more developed than a monkey's
  4. falling asleep together every time I babysit
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    I am an anxious person and cannot/will not fall asleep without having completed a routine of pretty mundane tasks with the exception of when I am putting him to bed and lie down next to him
  5. bonus: one for good luck
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    every day now, age 4. he's become so self-assured and has real, consistent opinions about anything and everything but mostly about how much salt is enough salt on avocado toast and for now, he gives me a kiss on the cheek every day. he just looked at me and our poodle and said "I'm four and you're twenty and dobby's five, right, dobby? right?"