1. Elijah Wood
  2. Seth Green
    There's no beard scruffy enough to hide those pinchable cheeks, mister
  3. Ellen Page
  4. Spencer Tracy
    This was your classic case of a 90 year old man who made a deal with the devil for Dennis The Menace's soul and boyish facial expressions
  5. Eddy Redmayne
    Suggested by   @paigeparker
  6. Michael Cera
    He is eternally the perfect awkward teenaged boy. He's 27, and he can still totally pull it off.
    Suggested by   @alyssapoliti
  7. Selena Gomez
    Suggested by   @bobbyhundreds
  8. Mickey Rooney
    He is a forever baby.
    Suggested by   @Marcella
  9. Jonah Hill
    Suggested by   @javachik
  10. Sarah Hyland
    She's like 70 and she's still playing a teenager
    Suggested by   @olive
  11. Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    Bb boy is 25. Like wut?
    Suggested by   @marymurphy
  12. Ariana Grande
    Literally a peanut!
    Suggested by   @EmmaS
  13. Alexis Bledel
    Suggested by   @slp