Oh man...
  1. Christian Slater
    I still have a soft spot for him
  2. Jory
    That kid in my 2nd grade class who kinda bounced when he walked
  3. Jared Leto
    90s...My So Called Life...c'mon you know you loved him
  4. Luke Perry
    90210! He was so bad. Love it. Also I think I was too young to be watching that
  5. In Living Colors Fly Girls
    I didn't have a crush but I wanted to be one sooo badly. Like I dreamt about it and copied all their moves. Man, the 90s were pretty amazing.
  6. Brad Pitt
    Thelma and Louise....ooooh yea!
  7. Miles Waller(?)
    I think that was his last name. I guess I could check Facebook but that's too much work. 6th grade crush and he became my boyfriend. We held hands and sometimes kissed. Closed mouth, no tongue. Obviously, French kissing was pretty gross.