From the moment we woke up
  1. Me sleeping with wet hair
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  2. We have NO COFFEE!
  3. Getting breakfast and coffee.
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    Now I can actually think AND I made super groovy glasses out of my daughters waxy stick things. She didn't want to wear them otherwise this picture would've been much cuter
  4. Playing in puddles
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    She was making a witches brew
  5. Ooooh water droplets 😍
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  6. Playing with worms.
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    I was actually really proud of her for holding the worm and not being grossed out. She said "oh he's so cute!" ☺️
  7. Costume time!
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    Curious George & The man with the yellow hat. Obviously, silly
  8. Trick or treat!
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    Candy. Candy. Candy.
  9. Dinner, bath and bedtime for Matilda.
    Which means booze and scary movies for us 👏🏼🎃❤️😱