1. When you want to use the extra supermarket savings but you aren't signed up with their saver program the phone number 867-5309 always works. I usually use the area code that the store is in. Thanks Tommy Tutone!
  2. If you don't know what this 🈚️emoji or this 💮 emoji means go to your settings and go to general settings, then to accessibility then to Speech and turn on speech selection. Text the icons to someone and hold down the text and a speak icon will appear. Press speak and it will read your emojis back to you. 💩 I love hearing her say what 💩 this is
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  3. Ok some of you probably know this already but this is a new game changing revelation for me. Siri sucks for the most part but she is really good at math so if you need to find out what 20% of $180 is or what a bill of $184 split four ways is, just ask her and she will tell you. So much faster than adding up on the calculator.
  4. If you want to erase a whole section of text from your iPhone you can just shake the phone and the undo typing will appear erasing the whole section. Kind of helpful especially if you type something incriminating on list app and decide against publishing it.
  5. When you order a margarita, order it straight up. You will get more margarita than from a blended or on the rocks. The waiter at Casita Del Campo confirmed this for me.