I never watched MacGyver as a kid- and I'm paying the price. Here are my observations and learned lessons as I start watching this series as an adult.
  1. Stealing a guards uniform and only putting on the upper half is enough to fool the rest of them- no one will notice your jeans and bright blue spats
  2. When you're trying to deactivate a missile and none of your missile deactivating tools work, a paper clip will always save the day
  3. Smash the end of a flare gun and it works as a rocket thruster to BASE jump off a giant cliff
  4. If you're rich and smart and like MacGyver your house is the Griffith Observatory
  5. Always keep a pack of cigarettes on you. It comes in handy when you need to make invisible lazers visible.
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  6. The bag is not for what you take its for what you find along the way -MacGyver
  7. Chocolate neutralizes sulfuric acid. If there's a major acid leak from a giant explosion- just wedge some chocolate bars in the leak- it's a great bandaid- also wanted to add that Mythbusters confirmed that this works
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  8. you gotta know your morse code- it'll tell the guys to stop that missile aimed at you by flipping the lights on and off when all other communication is cut off