Spoiler Alert-MacGyver gets away unharmed!
  1. The Burmese people like to speak to each other in broken Engrish rather than their own native language
  2. It sounds cliched but a Swiss Army knife does really come in handy
  3. Herpetologists will tell you everyone has a inner fear of snakes. Including herpetologists - MacGyver
  4. Episode 2 wasn't that exciting for me aside from the guest appearance of Joan Chen as one of the opium producing slaves freed by MacGyver so I'm moving on to episode 3 the Thief of Budapest which already starts off great with him being airlifted by a helicopter while on a horse.
  5. Budapest looks a lot like Pasadena
  6. The man who said life is a bowl of cherries had it wrong. It's a bowl of Hungarian goulash- hot and sticky and I'm not that hungry - MacGyver
  7. You can make a magnifying glass with a Bobbie pin and white wine
  8. To quote MacGyver - a credit card can get you out of a jam and it can create one- wedge some bits of that plastic in the cog that controls the traffic lights causing a city wide traffic jam allowing an escape through the city through stairways and sidewalks in your Mini Cooper
  9. If you need a storyline for a TV show- just steal it from the Italian Job- you can also steal clips for stock footage- double whammy
  10. MacGyver makes a lot of b*mbs but after watching Citizen Four I'm way too paranoid to write about his concoctions - he does however give a good analogy to his mom's chili recipe while making one
  11. Watching MacGyver instantly puts you on the government watch list