1. There is a taco emoji.
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  2. There is a hotdog emoji
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  3. There is a Shaka brah emoji
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  4. There is a flippin the bird emoji
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  5. There is a sticker of a squirrel wrapped in a pizza
    7c070583 09bd 4150 882c 2321fb7963ec
  6. There is a sticker of a bag of bagels
    325e219a e32e 4613 974e 10d27774263f
  7. There is a sticker of ron Howard's shrimp cocktail drawn by abbi
    E70ded11 ee3a 4566 b7ec f59936041d53
  8. Sending texts of these emojis to the boyfriend or significant other is fun
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  9. I won't even get into the animated gifs, I think these are valid enough reasons to download the app