1. NYU
    In order to be accepted as an educated model, you must be a cliché. Attending NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study is the only way you'll get @nymag to do a feature on you and actually embody that cliché. Pro tip: Invest in a start-up on the side, too.
  2. Hunter College
    You're probably a B-Level model who didn't get in to NYU. However, you tell people that you did and that you didn't go because it was "Too expensive." Most likely works as a waitress on the side.
  3. Columbia
    Whoops, my mistake. This is only applicable to Cindy Crawford and Cameron Russell. No one can top these OG Columbia Lions. Also, no model lives up there anyways, so what's the point of applying?
  4. Harvard
    For the love of God, someone please actually go here. Tyra likes to pretend she did, but I want to see a *real* undergraduate here. Fun fact: A former Sports Illustrated model, Sonia Dara, went here and now works for Microsoft. It's all about ~transitioning.~
  5. Online College
    This is your last resort, but probably the easiest if you're literally trying to do Resort (Collections). @nymag won't feature you in a "Top 10 Models Who Are Actually Smart" list, but hey, now you have a diploma that you can hang next to your first comp-card. How cute.