1. The Vogue And Jump
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    She's jumping, I swear.
  2. The "I'm Apathetic And Pretty Can Someone Get Me My Almond Milk Latte?"
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    Also good if you want to take a power nap with one of your eyes.
  3. Resting Bitch Face's Evil Step Mom
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    Works even better if they don't have any food on set and you're starving!!!
  4. The "I'm Just Going To Fake Laugh My Way Through This Horrendous Hair Cut"
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    On the bright side, you get to fake laugh all the way to the bank.
  5. The "I Hate My Hairstyle So I Fixed It Myself"
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    Be the rude model stereotype you want to see in this world.
  6. The Dangle Your Thumb In Your Pocket Like A Casual Teen
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    Don't forget to look off into the distance at Chase, the super hot intern, who was totally hitting on you.
  7. The Pretend You Have Period Cramps
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    Works every time and maybe will get you off set quicker.