Both with blonde hair, almond-shaped eyes, and have wider set hips than the average model. The room is silent for five minutes before anyone speaks.
  1. MODEL ONE: Have you been waiting at this casting long?
  2. *Model One and Two separately scroll through Instagram. Model Two has more followers, or at least gets more likes.*
  3. MODEL TWO: No, only like fifteen minutes.
  4. MODEL ONE: Thank god.
  5. *Silence.*
  6. MODEL ONE CONT: Yeah, last time I met with this casting director, she made me wait for over an hour and I wasn't even put on option.
  7. MODEL TWO: That's what it was just like for me at that big maternity catalog casting yesterday. It took FOREVER.
  8. *Model One looks up from Instagram, intrigued.*
  9. MODEL ONE: Oh, really? My agent didn't send me on that casting.
  10. MODEL TWO: That's so weird. You have larger child-bearing hips than I do.
  11. *Model One gets a text from her agent: "Come into the agency ASAP after casting. Measurements."*
  12. MODEL ONE: I mean, kind of...I like half-transitioned to plus-size and then I stopped, but I don't think my hips got the message.
  13. *Model Two gets an email from her agent: "You booked that maternity catalog!!! Pay is 8K!!!"*
  14. MODEL TWO: Hmmm....Yeah I mean I think the only reason my agent sent me on the casting was because I sent him a gift-card to JuicePress for his birthday.
  15. *Model One ponders this and ignores her agent's text.*
  16. MODEL ONE: Maybe I should do that next time.
  17. *Model Two is called into the casting. She brings a bottle from Juice Press with her and ignored final comment from Model One.*