1. Unopened pack of Marlboro lights
    Just in case Hedi Slimane calls and says he wants to shoot me in black and white for the new Saint Laurent Campaign, he won't need to bring the props.
  2. Can of Diet Coke
    My second of the morning.
  3. Comp-card
    The most expensive business card you'll ever buy. Like, why are they so big? They barely fit in my purse and I'm not even going to book this job anyways.
  4. Keys to a promoters apartment.
    Ew. Don't assume. We're not a thing, but he thinks we are, after I let him buy me breakfast at Balthazar. So now I have his keys to his apartment in TriBeCa. What?
  5. Nude thong
    Needs to be washed.
  6. iPhone charger.
    For back-up Instagamming or being yelled at by my agent over the phone. Probably both.
  7. Empty Juice Press bottle.
    Got it for free, after I showed the cashier my comp-card. Sure, it might be bribery, but I'm too poor and too old to pay for an $11 juice.
  8. ATM withdrawal reciept
    Balance: $23.65 (Had to buy more nude thongs)