I'm scared of loads of things
  1. Clusters. Google it.
  2. Ships.
    Too big. Too much vastness. Too much water .
  3. Ship yards.
    Big, creaky, iron, rusting, vast empty shipyards.
  4. Clowns.
    That's not really irrational though. If you've seen IT you know.
  5. Single balloons floating.
    See above.
  6. Heights.
    Cos I always think I'm gonna just jump off the edge of something. Like not cos I want to, but what if I went momentarily crazy and did. It could happen. Like when you look into a river and feel an urge to jump in but you're obviously not going to. Am I alone in this one? Maybe 😳
  7. Puppets.
    They might have souls. Evil souls.
  8. Sponges.