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inspired by @asapanj
  1. someone who does (at least) half the work and is fairly competent
    (unlike many school/project/lab partners I've had)
  1. I'll think about it for a very long time and stay bitter
  1. I was originally assigned Blossom because she was the only Powerpuff Girl left
    "You can't be Bubbles, _______ definitely is." 🙄 (Guess I wasn't innocent/ ditsy/ sweet-hearted enough!)
  2. But since then— and since asking other friends who they think I would be— I'm pretty certain that I actually am Blossom.
    Call me HBIC (A.K.A. Head Bitch In Charge. Thank you, Daya for teaching me that phrase in "Sit Still, Look Pretty.")
  3. Her personality in general fits me the best.
    Know-it-all, most definitely! (Also, big heart, brainiac, and natural leader? I can't argue.)
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  1. "Bears. BEES. Battlestar Galactica" was the original quote actually
    What do these have in common? Bees are notably the only insects bears eat, and the documentary, Battlestar Galactica, highlights this interesting phenomenon. Bears eat BEES. Bears. BEES. Battlestar Galactica. 🐝 (The Office didn't want to steal the entire premise of BG, and promptly changed the quote to the closest, still quite humorous, quote possible. Ask @bjnovak.)
  2. The "buzz" noise is bee for "help us!!!!!"
    Bees are dying globally at an alarming rate ☹️ (***Bee death is not a joke. Save the bees, call a beekeeper. Also, woah that bee is oddly threatening. I feel even more unnerved.)
  3. Shakespeare's famous quote: "to be or not to be" was inspired by bees.
    Shakespeare was a bee enthusiast and many of his stories are inspired by his bee-watching! Shakespeare was one of the firsts to realize that bees depict the purest form of entertainment—drama, tragedies, comedies, even history. His words "to bee or not to bee" were edited into the saying we all know today.
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  1. I make people laugh
    People actually think I'm funny! (Did you ever think I was funny? You never laughed at things I'd say.)
  2. I've been working so hard, I've managed to pleasantly surprise myself
    I have always liked pushing myself, and now I especially am, guiltlessly.
  3. My friends know that I love them
    And they remind me that they love me back. (And this love will always be—and has always been— more meaningful.)
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  1. If they still cared about you, they'd still be around
    (In a positive way)
  2. If they wanted to be in your life, distance wouldn't be an issue
    Unless they don't have a phone/ can't access to the internet/ are banned from sending snail-mail, they don't have an excuse to not keep in touch
  3. If your relationship just fades away, it wasn't meant to be
    You can outgrow people. That's okay
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  1. Not getting a dog
    Every year I asked Santa for a dog. "Dear Santa, I only want one thing this Christmas, and for ALL Christmases, and that is a dog." Every year, I imagined seeing a box with breathing holes punched out and thought "this is the year my dreams come true." Guess what happened? NO DOG. Now that I have a dog in my life, I'm even more bitter because having a dog would have been awesome. I was an unathletic child and a dog would've helped me be less chubby so THANKS MOM & DAD.
  2. Not being a twin
    I was obsessed with the movie The Parent Trap, and I thought "wow, if I had a twin, we would be best friends." A twin would be an automatic person who would want to play with me (there were countless moments when everybody in my house was "too busy") and we wouldn't have had the weird 5-year age gap that me and my brother had. (It's all cool now that we're older, but that's moot.)
  3. Being forced into chess club for 2 years
    Kindergarten and 1st grade. You see how chess might be a little too complicated for a small child, right? Especially when all chess club consisted of was playing against other students (hint: they were not in kindergarten/ 1st grade!) Well my parents didn't!
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inspired by @hpryfogle who was inspired by @perry
  1. Kindergarten crush/ Was such a total cutie/ Still attractive, how?
    Bitter he never had an awkward phase
  2. The karate kid/ Nerdy and fairly sassy/ What a short-lived crush
    I almost forgot he existed
  3. Boy from Iowa/ Imagined marrying him/ Too bad he liked Lily
    No harm, no foul
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From one of the original Miley Cyrus bangers "7 Things"
  1. 1.
    You're vain
  2. 2.
    You're games
  3. 3.
    You're insecure
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