Not sure if they were all necessarily meant as compliments πŸ€” but hey, not complaining! πŸ’πŸ½
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    "You are 100 pounds of sass."
    Also, not 100lbs so that was an added bonus, I suppose.
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    Me: "My elementary school was named Mariposa." (Which means butterfly in Spanish.) Someone (sassily): "You WOULD have gone to butterfly school."
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    Like omg thanks (?) ☺️
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    "You sound just like Carly Rae Jepsen."
    I was singing Call Me Maybe on RockBand. (I repeat this compliment to people ALL the time. I mean, come on, Carly Rae Jepsen is a legitimate singer and I sound JUST LIKE HER!!!!!)
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    "You should be a comedian."
    I would probably be the only person to laugh at my jokes. But hey, someone actually SAID this to me!!!
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    "You aren't evil."
    My friend randomly said that to me. So sweet.
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    One time I saw a girl and said "wow, she's so pretty," and @asapanj literally grumbled "just because she's pretty doesn't mean you aren't."
    And like that's not REALLY a flat-out compliment, and I didn't mean what I said in the "she's prettier than me" way, but I love the idea behind the sassy response. Just because someone has positive traits, doesn't make those traits on you less positive. (Does that make sense? Whatever. My, my rules.)
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    My friend remembered a super confident moment of mine from the year before and told me it wowed her.
    In high school (during my freshmen year) I sat by her and guys who basically had the personalities of hyenas from The Lion King. Anyways, one guy was like "lol the right half of your hair is more curly than the left" (as if that was comedic gold and everyone would start laughing at me.) Without missing a beat, I just looked at him and said "yeah, so?" and watched his face fall. I wasn't very confident in high school, so this kind of was a big deal to me.
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    Every compliment @asapanj gives me tbh
    Even the accidental ones. Like when I momentarily convinced her "jerk" in Spanish was "diosa." The dumb thing is while I was pretending to look up "jerk," I actually had to look up goddess. DIOSA! That's so simple!
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    "I memorized the rap part of 'Problem' by Ariana Grande because you like that song" -@Schmidiot
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    "Shivani is Satan." -@itsalex