Names I Call My Dog

His name is Truman. He's my pride and joy. ❤️🐶
  1. Truman
    Of course
  2. Tru
    Perfect little nickname, and how I used to say "true" before his time
  3. Tru Tru
    Pretty self-explanatory. The more Tru's the better.
  4. Truey
    Makes sense.
  5. Babe
    My brother says it's weird to call a dog babe. Thoughts?
  6. Lil baby
  7. Dumb lil baby
    I always say it in a baby voice, and it's not like he can tell what I'm saying! (Also, he's IS very dumb. He will try to eat ANYTHING.)
  8. Little pyscho
    I mostly call him this when he won't stop barking at people. Example: "Stop, you little psycho."