this list is obviously a work in progress. feel free (to an extent) to make suggestions. I don't know how to turn suggestions on but that's whatever.
  1. If you've ever seen me sing and dance in the car, you know
    (this gif but with more flailing and surprise yelling)
  2. Actually... if you've ever seen me drive in general...
    8-point turns are more common of an occurrence than I'd prefer. (Also MAYBE a few other things... I don't want to talk about it)
  3. 7 Years by Luke Graham can make me cry on demand
    Once *I* was 7 years old
  4. It's actually pretty easy to make me cry
    My friends made fun of me for crying after this movie. Come on, (spoiler alert) they were best friends, and went through so much together, only to be separated!!
  5. I didn't think that the way I dressed and did my hair in middle school was embarrassing until it was far too late.
    Did the remains of my awful fashion sense bleed on to high school?? Am I currently living in denial about serious fashion wrongdoings??? Sadly, only time will tell.
  6. I talk to myself sometimes. Yup, out loud.
    Recently, it's mainly been "ouch, my legs" because I worked out recently and my legs are still sore because I never work out 🙃
  7. I rarely work out, but when I do I go HAM
    I call myself a workout camel because I go a while without working out lolol. But literally every time after I work out, my body's at an unbelievable level of sore. 2lame
  8. I laugh at my own jokes longer than other people do.
    "Come on! I'm being SO funny!! Guys?? Guys!"