Reasons Why I'm the Worst/Best

  1. My friends always tell me I'm right, so I've come to believe that I'm never wrong.
    Add "perfect" as a skill on my résumé.
  2. I'm an AMAZING friend but an awful love interest. (see "romantic" history.)
    My friend calls me a heartbreaker, hence the gif. (I really don't TRY to be a "heartbreaker.") And if any of you nerds tries to refute the amazing friend thing, I'll [insert threat here.]
  3. I drive a mom-van. His name is Mumford.
    He's old, so he has an old man name. He isn't fancy, which gives me less anxiety because people are crazy drivers and I don't want to deal with the responsibly of having a nice car. People with nice cars go crazy, I swear. A little nick would push them over the edge, and I cannot deal with that.
  4. Whenever my out-of-state friends are back in town, I make them hang out with me. (And sometimes track them with Find Friends to ensure whether or not they can hang out with me.)
    I track in-state friends, too. It's usually when I'm bored and just like "I wonder what they're doing." Is that weird? I don't mind if they do that to me, and it's not like I would EVER just show up unexpected. That's definitely too much. Oh also, I would never ask my significant other for their location or share mine with them. That's unnecessary ahh.
  5. Sometimes, I thrive on being petty and the worst I could be.
  6. But I'm definitely too nice/too empathetic/actually have a conscience to be evil.
    But when people make me mad, I can become really "passionate."