39 weeks pregnant, can't walk or stand without pain....so this is the Me you get right now. Annoyed at almost everything but especially these things.
  1. People watching videos on their phone when others are in the room
  2. Water all over the bathroom counter
  3. Hard butter
  4. Empty water bottles not in the trash
  5. Prickly leg hairs
  6. The sound of lawnmowers
  7. Our dog barking at everything
  8. Children with iPhones / iPads / iPods
  9. Our dog
  10. Being hot
  11. The mess in our room I don't want to clean up
  12. Pelvic pressure pain
  13. Not being able to eat in-n-out burger
  14. Stale donuts
  15. Adults that still don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" / also there, their, and they're
  16. Underboob sweat
  17. When watch sports is a higher priority to people than quality time