The problem with The Mindy Project is....

I love Mindy so much, but there are just too many flaws with this show that don't sit right with me.
  1. There has never been a consistent cast
    It's pretty difficult to feel connected to a show when they keep replacing the characters you love with new, dumber ones.
  2. What happened to Jeremy?
    Okay so in beginning, he was this hot, charming, British doctor that we all loved and now he's a dorky semi-effeminate weirdo that no one likes? Why did that have to happen?
    Peter was an AMAZING addition to the cast, pretty much the only successful addition (okay tamera too). He was dweeby and kind of a screw up when we first met him but he evolved to an amazing best friend of Mindy's that we all came to love dearly and the POOF he's gone?! WHY. #teampeter
  4. Danny and Mindy didn't work out...
    Which actually makes no sense, and another stab to the heart. All this build up, anticipation, excitement, LOVE, then one day they disagree and so they break up? Maybe that's "typical" in the world of Hollywood, but it would have been a better story to develop BOTH of their characters as people that are willing to fight for love, willing to sacrifice and change because that is how relationships WORK!
  5. So then Danny leaves...
    Another Peter situation-ish. Danny was one of the few characters they kept from the beginning. So their relationship didn't work out...why must he LEAVE? And get replaced with dumb Jodi.
    (Is it Jody or Jodi? Who cares!) Literally the most pointless character and disgusting storyline of him developing feelings for Mindy.
  7. Mindy's poor choice in men...
    Over and over again. And actually they all seem pretty great at first and then once they break up they become these creepers that no one wants to be with. Like Casey. AMAZING boyfriend. Why did he have to come back as a super weirdo creep? Just cuz mindy isn't into him anymore doesn't mean he should become UNDATEABLE.
  8. What happened to Mindy's best girlfriends?
    They were pretty consistent recurring characters for a minute but then one day they vanished and so did all mention of them? That's not normal.
  9. It's actually very misogynistic
    For being a show where the main character is female, it's actually pretty anti-female. There are hardly ANY female characters and once they add one (Collette)...I mean let's be real she's practically a dude.
  10. THE ONLY PLUS: Morgan
    From the beginning, Morgan has been the rock of the show, and he is really the only reason I keep watching. But if they ever get rid of Morgan, I SWEAR I WILL LOSE IT
  11. Now I will transition to showing you amazing gifs of Morgan...
  12. Also Morgan and Tamera should still be together
    I mean can't y'all make SOME COUPLES LAST. Don't you know there are actually people in the world that can make love work?! It's not a realistic world to create relationships that only ever fail. It's just not realistic.