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Back at it again with my "Pipsqueak"! No real order or reason to this.
  1. 12 hours old
  2. Leash training
    ... Close enough.
  3. In the ocean
    And majestic af
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All taken by Moi over these first 15 months of her life. No particular order.
  1. Miss Jade about 12 hours old!
  2. Officially mine
    The day that I officially bought her from the breeders that I work at.
  3. Happy Birthday!
    Taken with a fisheye lens on her first birthday!
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I've recently found that I have too much free time, and decided to do more portraits of the animals around. All done with charcoals
  1. Varenne
    The new "puppy" over where I work. Recently imported from Italy to little ol' Maine. Love this guy.
  2. Goofy
    Jade, from a photo that I took using a fisheye lens
  3. Varenne the 1st
    Varenne when he was younger.
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Yep, i'm sitting in my grandparent's TV room, where everything is definitely older than I am.
  1. A bootprint on the ceiling
    How in the...
  2. Pitted Prunes
    Mandatory for all older persons, it seems. But don't knock them, they are tasty! Just... Check the expiration date first.
  3. An unopened Soda Can behind the TV
    Mountain Dew... Expired in 2009. Perhaps the true cure for "zombie-ism"
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  1. 1.
    Well, this is quite the story. In short, My step mother had a dream that I married Captain America, and my drugged-out dying grandmother thought that it was true. Everyone told me to just go with it, so i showed her a photo of him. If anyone asks, this is my husband. Not an image that I pulled from Google. Nope.
  2. 2.
    My Jack Russell, Pippin gets her mouth stuck like this when she is playing. We thought that she looked a lot like a velociraptor!
  3. 3.
    My Jack, Pippin, and German Shepherd Jade dunking their heads on our bike ride.
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