Yep, i'm sitting in my grandparent's TV room, where everything is definitely older than I am.
  1. A bootprint on the ceiling
    How in the...
  2. Pitted Prunes
    Mandatory for all older persons, it seems. But don't knock them, they are tasty! Just... Check the expiration date first.
  3. An unopened Soda Can behind the TV
    Mountain Dew... Expired in 2009. Perhaps the true cure for "zombie-ism"
  4. Two clocks that don't work
    Yes, two. Side by side, but still dusted. Go figure.
  5. A dramatic picture of a crotchety old lady that I don't know.
    Emerging from a black background. She is actually creeping me out now...
  6. A baby picture of myself.
    Let's just turn that around...
  7. One of those vibrating back massaging devices.
    I think that I'll keep that on hand. If you know what i mean ;)
  8. A cardboard box with many rows of '0' drawn on it.
    No, really. Nothing else.