Top 10 photos of my German Shepherd that nobody asked for.

All taken by Moi over these first 15 months of her life. No particular order.
  1. Miss Jade about 12 hours old!
  2. Officially mine
    The day that I officially bought her from the breeders that I work at.
  3. Happy Birthday!
    Taken with a fisheye lens on her first birthday!
  4. Baby it's coooold outside!
  5. The Exhausted Nanny
    She is the official "Nanny" for the puppies at Seelenvoll German Shepherds.
  6. In the sunset...
    My favorite time of day to take photos.
  7. Puppyhood
    Phone photo of her royal cuteness at 10 weeks old!
  8. Ears
    Video still
  9. Maine
    One misty morning on the Maine coast.
  10. Ocean Fun
    Last but not least, from last week's photoshoot in the Ocean!