Important photos from my first week in London

  1. Oxford Summer VIIIs
    Polaroid so doubly important. A crew race with Gui, sponsored by Pimms and day drinking
  2. Pembroke in the morning
    Leaving later than expected back to London, sponsored by Gui, tequila, and night drinking
  3. Epping Forest
    A primordial forest with my host family's grandchildren. I was hungover
  4. Being classy in a cafe
    I was eating solo in what I thought was a really cool artsy Italian cafe, which I later found was a chain. Still good tho
  5. Scarlett and Lauren
    My host family's adorable grandchildren. The little one took a liking to me
  6. Clothes porn at Harrod's
    This marchesa was so pretty I only cried
  7. My learn to row prodigy
    Gregoire may have been tiny but he was fierce
  8. "Shea" three portraits by Scarlett
    Including "Xed out fairy, pirate princess, and ????"
  9. Learn to row boys time trial
    They literally got in a boat like 4 days ago why were they allowed to race? They were mine tho so still proud
  10. Bye bye woodford tube station
    Zone 5 sux