1. Beyoncé
  2. This girl who I briefly went to conservatory with and who never spoke to anyone but me until I told her that we had the same birthday
    For the record she got the role of first elf (with speaking parts) and I got third elf (no speaking part) and to this day I am sometimes still bitter about that audition
  3. This girl from my senior science class in high school who very graciously let me copy her French homework every day but she really hated me because we did a lot of group presentations together
    Also very notable: I ditched her again on the final presentation because I suffered from a very serious medical issue called "I feel like not going to class today"
  4. Guy who worked in the main office of my high school whom I unfortunately had to get late slips from almost every day
    One day I walked into the main office and while they were celebrating and cutting cake I interrupted the whole party by asking for a late slip. And then before I left I also asked for a slice of cake because "hi so it's also my birthday today"