In honor of my cat, "Jack" Kerouac.
  1. Jack of all trades
  2. Jack-off
    No description needed 🙃
  3. Just Jack!
    Apparently there's a musician with this name, but here I am making a Will and Grace reference.
  4. Jack In The Box
    This is, like, really creepy.
  5. Jack In The Box
    Also creepy.
  6. You Don't Know Jack
    Commonly used phrase, related to the next bullet point. Also a 90s computer game.
  7. Jack Shit
    As defined on urban dictionary: An American gentleman, with whom certain people are unfamiliar. "You don't know Jack Shit." "Perhaps not, but I'm actually on rather good terms with his wealthier cousin Theodore."
  8. Jack Attack
    Don't actually know what this means. It's a show, no?
  9. Jack Black
  10. Blackjack
  11. Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick
    Very impressive.
  12. Jackhammer
  13. Jack Spratt
    Famous nursery rhyme. Don't know jack shit about it other than my mom calls my cat "Jack Spratt" on a regular basis.
  14. Jack-o-lantern
  15. Jack Kerouac
  16. My Jack Kerouac 😻
  17. Don't forget Jack White: aka the coolest rockstar around
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  18. Jack Sparrow
    Suggested by   @quixotic
  19. Jack & Jill
    Suggested by   @margaretyoko
  20. how has no one suggested Jack Daniel's?! 💕
    Suggested by   @ana