Just some of the 20+ recently opened "wellness centers" on a stretch of 8 mile road. While hubs and I made the drive tonight, I couldn't help but notice the bright green lights adorning the store fronts. While counting to see how many we could spot, we also admired the clever (and cheesy) names. Naturally I was inspired to make a list. Enjoy!
  1. The Green Mile
  2. Club Medz
  3. Green Cross
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    Some poor dude just looking for relief made it into the google maps photo.
  4. Cannabliss Wellness Center
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  5. Peace of Amsterdam
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  6. Chronic REleaf
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  7. Plan B Wellness Center
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  8. Green World
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    Apparently this used to be a tax place. I don't blame them for the new business endeavor.
  9. Tastebuds
  10. Michigan Chronic Relief
  11. The Provisioning Center
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    What a welcoming store front!