Please stop using these
  1. "Uh-oh, he's right behind me isn't he?"
    All variations of this are equally abhorrent
  2. "I'll play good cop and you play bad cop..."
    Someone forgets which one they're playing! EVERY FUCKING TIME
  3. "Let's keep the relationship a secret at first..."
    Just so we can see you frenching then shoving your sig o into a locker? Hardly.
  4. "We decided that this (inappropriate wedding location) was the perfect place to have our last minute wedding!"
    Let's renew our vow to not do this trope anymore.
  5. "It was all a dream!"
    I used to read word up magazine! Where it specifically stated this is sloppy writing!
  6. "We've run out of ideas! Have a baby!"
    We've seen this one coming since Bewitched.