Will probably still be updating this in 10 years
  1. When people use "defiantly" instead of definitely
    How is this not a glaring error? These two words are pretty fucking different.
  2. People who think the fact that Taylor Swift writes her own songs is unique/praiseworthy
    Adele also writes her own songs. So does Demi Lovato. So does Nick Jonas. So do MOST BANDS AND ARTISTS THAT AREN'T RIHANNA OR KATY PERRY OR JUSTIN BIEBER OR BEYONCÉ
  3. The use of the letter ß as a b
    It is an s. A double s. Not a b. NOT. A. B.
  4. When high school kids change their names on Facebook to terrible puns in their senior year
    We get it
  5. Thinkpieces on millennials
    Millennials are just people growing up. So there's technology too. Who cares. We all had different stuff cropping up when we were growing up
  6. The identification of Jewish culture as bagels and schmear / Yiddishisms / deli meat / complaining
    Not all of us are semi-secular Ashkenazi Brooklynites