Thanks for the request @kbon (and also welcome back to list!!) πŸ’• I'm so sorry for taking so long to complete this request
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    I do a type of classical south Indian dance called Bharatanatyam
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    I've been doing it since I was 10, and I've had dance class pretty much every Saturday morning since then
    As it's a classical art form (kind of like ballet) it takes years and years of study and practice to master. I am certainly not at that point currently
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    For three summers, I went to a camp for this specific dance which was conducted by the two most esteemed Bharatanatyam dancers
    They run their own dance school in India and they came to the US every year for 25 years to conduct this camp. I went in the summers before 6th, 7th, and 9th grade.
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    It was held in the mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia
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    Each year, there were usually about thirty girls (aged 10-17) and two boys
    Every year, inevitably, half the girls would end up swooning over one of the guys that was there, but I digress...
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    Everyone lived together for three weeks in a brick house overlooking the James River, and we'd have dance class in an adjacent studio
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    This building was the dance studio
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    There was a pretty strict schedule
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    We'd get up, do yoga for an hour, have breakfast, and later we'd have dance class for like two hours.
    At this time, we mainly practiced the fundamentals. Later in the day we learned actual dances
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    We had lunch after we were done with dance for the morning. Lunch was always traditional Indian food and it was always so tasty πŸ˜‹
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    After lunch, we had singing and theory classes
    Bharatanatyam includes theatre so theory consists of learning the names and meanings of different hand gestures we use as well as acting
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    We then had a few more hours of dance class, when we split up into groups and learned the dances that we were going to perform for our parents at the end of the camp
    To clarify, in the mornings we would practice our technique with the fundamental steps and in the afternoons we put those together to learn dances.
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    After we were done dancing for the day, we'd shower because we were all sweaty and gross
    This was sometimes an issue, especially in my second year, when my room had 6 girls (rather than the usual 4) who had to share one bathroom. Because we had one last event of the day (a group singing session which was the one thing I really looked forward to in a day) everyone had to hurry and shower quickly, which not everyone necessarily did.
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    After singing, which lasted half an hour, we'd have dinner
    Everyone ate dinner and lunch together in a room that was surrounded by glass walls an three sides, so you'd get this view. It was also the most common hangout spot, other than people's rooms I suppose
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    Although camp seemed (and was) highly structured, there was plenty of time in a day that we could hang out with the other girls and just do our own thing
    There was always a chunk of time after lunch and after dinner and before lights out that we could kind of just do whatever.
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    But we weren't allowed to have phones and other electronics at all ever. I actually didn't mind that at all
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    On weekends, we usually had half days of dance, and then free time the rest of the day. There was one Sunday where we went into Charlottesville and watched a movie and went to the mall.
    It was always kind of awkward because we were all wearing Indian clothes and lots of people stared. But that's okay!
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    As a whole, dance was a super great experience. Girls came from all over the country (and in some cases, the world) to attend this camp, so my sister and I met some really cool people
    There was this one girl who was 17 when I was 11 and who was from Mexico. Her mother was an actress and she was a budding actress as well. I follow her on Instagram now and I don't think she remembers me but I think she is still so cool nonetheless
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    That's pretty much all! I can answer more questions if you're curious ☺️ Here are some pictures
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    From my first year
  21. β€’
    From my third year
  22. β€’
    During our final show
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    After our final show