Highlights From My Visit to Scripps College

I was at Scripps for admitted students day yesterday and today. Thought I would live list everything but I didn't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Liberal arts is so #aesthetic tho
  1. Making challah
    Holla 🙌🏽 (sorry)
  2. The Motley coffeehouse
    Poetry/singing night
  3. Lots of caffeine at Motley
    I. Couldn't. Sleep.
  4. Motley is just so aesthetically pleasing
  5. Apples to apples
    My winning cards, from left to right: my friends, the 1950s, pond scum (I think?), Bill Clinton (for flirtatious—everyone got a kick out of that one), rolling a car, don't really remember the next 2, Eleanor Roosevelt. Not that anyone cares at all
  6. Getting this adorable sticker
    At Motley. Can you tell I'm obsessed? I went there three times in 20 hours
  7. Cappuccinos
    Motley again. I discovered my love for cappuccinos. I also discovered my dislike for macchiatos.
  8. Flowers
    Lots of em
  9. People actually wearing clogs
    They give me life