I love television, specifically sitcoms. (I see no point in dramas to be honest.) These are my faves (in no particular order). The laughs they would bring would probably get me through a pretty miserable existence on a desert island.
  1. The office
    Can't believe i only started watching this one recently. For my video project for english class, my group made a movie about a movie. Basically the premise was that we were a group of film executives trying to come up with an idea for a new movie. One idea pitched was a rom-com, and it was inspired by the office. It is because of that video project that I started watching the office. Also, no one probably cares, but here's the link to the video http://youtu.be/99SDO7BZqu8
  2. Friends
    I've been watching this show since before I was old enough to watch it. I was probably like 6 or 7, and my sister and I would laugh along to the jokes even though we understood none of them. Since then, I've seen every episode probably 20 times and I could probably quote most of it.
  3. Seinfeld
    Seinfeld is my life. When I like something, I tend to get obsessed with it, and that is how I feel about Seinfeld. This year, I dressed up as Elaine for Halloween, did my english term paper on the nihilism of seinfeld (it was titled "the somethingness of nothingness"), and had a festivus dinner with some of my friends.