Because I am a total creep. Pls don't judge me
  1. Whenever I'm in public I can't help but admire the cuteness of most couples.
    It's what you do when you're forever alone...
  2. So, I take pictures of them (clearly without regard for privacy)
  3. And now, I shall share them with y'all on this day of love
  4. A match made in hipster heaven
    Side note: the guy totally looks like one of my closest friends from behind, so much so that my friend actually thought it was him in the picture
  5. Young (forbidden) love
    These two 😭. They went to camp with me and there was a strict no-dating policy. But that certainly didn't stop them (from having a cute, innocent not-so-secret secret relationship)! (And their names were Jeff and Kelly so their ship name could be #jelly!! Can it BE any more perfect??)
  6. Love in the Costco food court
    The girl was wearing the same shoes as me and the guy was really cute?? They were perfect, I couldn't resist
  7. Love in Actuality
    I was at the de Young museum in San Francisco and it just happened that this couple and I kept ending up at the same place. And they were so adorable and at one point the girl kissed the guy's fingers and I melted
  8. A stroll to remember
  9. Love on the Rocks
    The view was picturesque, overlooking the San Francisco skyline, including the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. You can kind of see the skyline and a bit of the golden gate in this pic
  10. The end!!! I'll save you from any more of my creepiness and leave it at this
  11. Happy Valentine's Day! 💖💞💘💗