Roy G. Biv

A walkthrough of a project I had to do for my beginning art class. Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. My Color Wheel Collage
    I had to make this color wheel collage with magazine cutouts for art. I finished it last night and now I shall share it with you all
  2. Red
    My favorite one. It was by far the most fun to make. Includes Wild Cherry Burt's Bees lip balm, shoes cut off the legs of some model, a flower from Emily Blunt's dress in a People magazine, the Campbell's soup logo, and a strawberry.
  3. Orange
    We had to include at least 10 clippings on each of these. I liked this one up until the end, when I started gluing random crap onto it. Includes part of a pumpkin, chopsticks, a latke, a cloth napkin, and the spine of a book.
  4. Yellow
    Meh. Not too fond of this one. Includes a cab, daisy, a bell pepper (I think that's what that is?), butter, and the Burt's Bees honeycomb graphic.
  5. Green
    Just a whole lot of vegetables and plants. Includes a tree illustration, two of a pineapple's scales, a Brussels sprout, and mozzarella cheese covered in olive oil and something else.
  6. Blue (Indigo?)
    Blue is my favorite color so this one is somewhat aesthetically pleasing to me. Includes a clipping from Malia Obama's blouse (because I'm a weirdo), athletic shorts (I think?), and a striped shirt.
  7. Purple (Violet?)
    I really don't like this one to be honest. Includes flowers (both real and illustrated), pajama pants from a NyQuil ad, a little circular clipping of grapefruit, and a tie-dye pattern.