AKA things I possess that have the word "bee" in them. Disclaimer: these prove nothing. But I really do love bees 🐝💕 Inspired by @ladyprofessor and her list about the recent multiplicity of lists involving bees
  1. This book 🐝
    One of my favorites. And the cover artwork is gorgeous
  2. This poster 🐝
    We have some of these in our backyard but thanks to the drought I don't think they're doing too well :/
  3. This lip balm 🐝
    Highly recommended btw. This flavor (is that even what you would call it??) is arguably the best
  4. This picture (which is on my phone which is in my room) 🐝
    I live by a lot of orchards and this picture was taken in the spring when there were a lot of those bee boxes around for pollination
  5. That's it ✌️💖🐝