Weekend in Ashland, Oregon

I spent last weekend in Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with my AP literature class. It was lovely and I still have major Ashland blues
  1. Some of the scenery on the drive up
    It was rainy and kind of foggy and altogether beautiful.
  2. The town
  3. Latte art
    But it wasn't actually a latte. It was a cappuccino
  4. Window Shopping
    I actually ended up buying an adorable skirt from a secondhand shop
  5. Record store
    Featuring my friend aryanna
  6. Tacos for the People
  7. The drive back
    No longer rainy but still beautiful
  8. I also bought a bunch of postcards and I love them so much
  9. If you're ever planning on going to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, I highly recommend