Basically the counter to Reasons I Use My iPhone Over My Android. I've been carrying around 2 phones for several months, and have been developing habits for each phone. These are reasons I go to Android:
  1. Every Google app is better
    Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar. Basically things I use many times every day are significantly better. They're faster, sometimes have more features, and more reliable.
  2. The keyboard is much better
    Anytime I need to type something long, the android experience is more efficient. Swype is better (although now available on iOS too, I'm surprised not many people use it), voice input is more accurate, and minor interaction differences are useful (eg putting your cursor in the middle of a word).
  3. Google Now
    Once you turn off the things that are causing a lot of noise, it's pretty good. Weather and traffic in the morning, sports scores for teams I care about, alerts on events like flights and calendar events.
  4. Searching is faster
    Both though voice, and just using Chrome. Still faster than Siri or using the iOS search bar.
  5. My main phone # is tied to it, so I need it for calls and SMS.
    It's amazing how little used this has become though, with messenger, whatsapp, slack, etc.