I did this last year and actually accomplished quite a bit.
  1. Read a book a week
  2. Road trip with Dad
  3. Plan a big trip with the huz
    ✔️Scotland and Japan, here we come
  4. Get the surfboard fixed
  5. Surf
  6. Go snowboarding
    ✔️went to VT in March. Fun times.
  7. Climb a 5.11
    ✔️achieved June 18th
  8. Bike a century ride
  9. Incorporate a formal, daily guitar practice
  10. Continue community service work
  11. Play an open mic
  12. Get my master's thesis published
  13. Write short stories
  14. Visit Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard
  15. Go backpacking for a weekend
  16. Go to Quebec City
  17. Reach an advanced level of French
  18. Journal regularly in Spanish
  19. Keep up with bullet journal
  20. Make albums of prints of old photos
  21. Email an old friend every week
  22. Learn a bit more programming
  23. Become a SAS wizard at work
  24. Spend a weekend in NYC
  25. Make a statistics notebook
  26. Wake up early
  27. Read more periodicals