My favorites. They're amazing, I promise. #rhodeisland #ri #providence #newport #newengland #foody
  1. Jamestown Fish, Jamestown
    One of the best restaurants in the US, I'm convinced. Fabulous food, wine, and service in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.
  2. The Grange, Providence
    All vegetarian, all terrific
  3. Salvation Cafe, Newport
    Killer variety and a great place to hang out
  4. Anthony's Seafood, Middletown
    Best seafood in RI. Super duper casual.
  5. Cafe L'artisan, Providence
    Excellent pastries, coffee, quiches, sandwiches, and more.
  6. Red Stripe, Providence
    Great for a classy, modern dinner or lunch. The moules frites are amazing.
  7. Lim's, Providence
    Great sushi, Thai, Vietnamese. Speedy service, especially during a snowstorm when you want delivery.
  8. Abyssinia, Providence
    Amazing Ethiopian food.
  9. Enoteca Umberto, Providence
    Very small restaurant with incredible service and food. Family run so be sure to get to know your servers and the folks behind the counter.
  10. Empire Coffee, Newport
    Great teas and coffees.
  11. Cafe La France, Providence
    Visit the one on S. Main or in the train station for a solid sandwich, salad, or coffee when you're on the go.
  12. Norey's, Newport
    Great beer selection and all kinds of delicious melted cheese
  13. Fellini Pizza, Providence
    There's no shortage of amazing pizza in Providence. This is the best on the East Side.
  14. The Sportsman, Newport
    Awesome beers and music. Tell Neal you want to become a member