Into it! March 2017 Edition

  1. Twinings Lemon Ginger tea
  2. Tree House Brewery beer
    Tried over ski vacation weekend. So so so so good
  3. The Whole 30
    I didn't count that ski vacation weekend :)
  4. Climbing
  5. Sprinting workouts
  6. My new red Patagonia fleece
    So soft. So fuzzy.
  7. Daydreaming about summer in Maine
  8. Nailing analysis with improved SAS code
  9. The Great British Baking Show
  10. "Still Feel Like Your Man" by @john
  11. Booking flights to faraway places
    Japan here I come.
  12. Dry-cleaned work pants
    It was time.
  13. Trying to stay hydrated
  14. All of the exciting pregnancy news coming from friends these days
  15. Getting over my fear of speaking Spanish after some time without practice
  16. Grapefruit
  17. Bonus content. "Over it!": the flu. That last half of February was pretty grim.