1. A list of everything I need to do today and how much time each task will take
  2. The same list as above but factoring in a bit more "me time" as I have recognized I am making this list because I am having anxiety
  3. Things I want to do in the next year
    I will write this on a scrap of paper with great excitement, only to leave it crumpled in my bag until I cannot remember exactly what it is or when I wrote it
  4. The kinds of exercises I might do when I go to the gym this evening
    I will forget about this list until half way through my workout
  5. Reasons I might be feeling anxious
    If only I could pin it down. Maybe this list will help me figure it out.
  6. My idea of the perfect morning routine
    I will fail repeatedly at implementing this because it is completely unrealistic. No one can exercise, meditate, read, bathe, get dressed nicely, and sit down to drink a smoothie with one's spouse, dear. At least, not in an hour and a half.
  7. Books I want to read
    I will abandon this list when I remember I am already reading 5 books and begin having more anxiety as a result
  8. Chores that need to be done
    These will be put off until the weekend
  9. Skills and subjects I would like to learn
    Programming, foreign languages, guitar, climbing, cooking, baking, advanced data analysis, etc, etc
  10. Times in the past when I have had anxiety
    Oh gosh, is this becoming routine?