It's 2004. I'm 13. Inspired by @jannychan
  1. My school implements a dress code of khakis and collared shirts and I am SO RELIEVED.
    My fashion and style renaissance comes years later. I'm still not quite there, to be honest.
  2. A boy tells me he has "bigger titties" than me. I act like I don't hear him and he loses his nerve before he can repeat himself.
    Yeah, you're not funny, jerk. Also, a quick Google search tells me that this dude gets arrested when we're in our twenties. Karma.
  3. When I turn 13, I write a "journal" post in computer class and lament how my childhood is now behind me.
    So melodramatic.
  4. I get to run on the varsity track team and make friends with some way cool high schoolers. It gives me hope for my social life.
  5. My favorite artists are Dave Matthews Band, Josh Groban, and The Who.
    I am as confused about this as you are.
  6. My older brother goes away to school that year. On more than one occasion, I run to his room to tell him something funny and then remember he isn't home.
  7. I'm 5'7" and lanky as hell.
    String bean and just one inch shy of my full adult height.
  8. I wear my hair almost exclusively in a ponytail.
    This will remain mostly true for the next decade.
  9. A girl asks me why I wear my pants so high and we discover that I'm not pulling them up high - no, my legs are just crazy long and my torso is crazy short. So I look like a dork with my shirt tucked in, even when I'm wearing my pants on the lower side.
    This remains true today.
  10. No boys like me and I am ok with that because they're all a bunch of short jerks.
  11. I play percussion in the school band.
    Soooo cooool.
  12. My best friend is a smart girl named Allyson. She appreciates my sense of humor, overlooks what a dork I am, and keeps me up to speed on her guilty pleasure, One Tree Hill, even though I will literally never watch an episode of this show.
  13. For English class "outside reading," I attempt to read the collection of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s sermons.
    It's inspiring but a bit over my head. Obviously.
  14. I win 2 awards at the end of 8th grade: the Citizenship award and the PE award.
    Fastest middle schooler shuttle run time, y'all. Just sayin.
  15. I read Night by Elie Wiesel and the Ryan White story. These two books shatter my naive worldview and that is a very good thing.
  16. I babysit for the same family every single Friday night and make bank.
  17. My class takes a weeklong trip to DC. We stay in dorms and are given a reasonable amount of autonomy. I fall in love with the feeling of independence, especially while wandering around a new city.