1. At what point does one go from the equivalent of the "hunt and peck" to the "stenographer" level of right-hand playing?
    Will I notice? Will fireworks shoot out of my guitar? Please say yes. @john do you know the answer?
  2. Will my playing-face ever look cool? Or will I just continue to look like a scared zombie on Adderall?
  3. The cheat F chord will always be good enough for me
  4. I am certain my neighbors hate me.
  5. Maybe my first open mic should be "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness...
  6. My Voice Memos app is the only one who knows the Real Me
  7. Why are all the lyrics that pop into my head about trains?
  8. Breaking a string just means I'm getting better, right?
  9. No one can ever know how often I play "Wagon Wheel"
    heeeeeeeeey, mama, rock meee
  10. My bar chords suck because the action is too high.
    It's not my lack of perseverance.
  11. Whoa, I did it.
  12. Shit, that was not right.
  13. Let's play that 10 times perfectly
    1, good, 2, good, 3, boom, 4, this is going well, 5, damnit. 1, good...
  14. Nothing else is this much fun.