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I am the annoying friend who takes pictures of everything.
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    The Announcement of New House Names
    Our school has been grouped into houses, but this year, they went for a restructure which of course involved new names. These were voted in by pupils and staff, and came from the names of uninhabited Orkney islands. We are now Fara, Eynhallow and Copinsay. Orkney Library were kind enough to let us borrow JK Rowling's ACTUAL sorting hat that she brought up when she visited Orkney.
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    The Old Man of Hoy
    Among Orkney's many beautiful landmarks, there is something about the Old Man of Hoy that I have always found particularly enchanting. Other than its obvious beauty, I think it is also because it's the first sign of Orkney on the ferry crossing. Whenever I travelled here as a child, being called on to the deck to marvel at this sea stack, it meant that we were almost home.
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    New Job
    I'm not much of a drinker these days, and generally only drink on special occasions. This is from the day I was offered a permanent job, and one of my loveliest friends and I, had a drink to celebrate. Getting a job as a new teacher has been a gruelling task, and on some days felt as though nowhere would take me on. But, perseverance paid off.
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    Orkney Fudge Cheesecake
    The dessert from the goodbye meal with our sixth years this week. Orkney fudge cheesecake is some kind of sugary magic.
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    The most beautiful and special house in the entire universe. There is no structure in the world that I can ever imagine meaning as much to me as Belgarth.