Since I've started teaching, a number of teen girls at school insisted I NEEDED to watch Pretty Little Liars. I thought I'd give it a shot and I WAS HOOKED. I watched all 6 seasons in about two weeks. Let me be clear, the show is basically total garbage but god damn is it entertaining. That being said, there is some bullshit I need answered.
  1. They totally normalise a student-teacher relationship
    What the hell? They basically spend the first few seasons making out as though everyone else is so unreasonable to an incomprehensible degree because they disapprove of a grown adult man having sex with one of his students. The show presents it as some Romeo and Juliet kind of shit but hellooooo? And nobody at any point in the six series says 'yeah. He probably should have ended up in prison.'
  2. The amount of proms and masquerade balls conducted in one high school
    God damn, they've had more proms and balls than they've had years on this earth. And always conveniently with a lot of masks which helps 'A' to wonder around murdering and what not without being revealed. Where do they have the time? The money? What kind of 16 year olds own that many ball gowns?!
  3. A lot of people get away with murder
    Literally. I think we are supposed to believe that they're all super smart, A in particular, but really it seems more as though Rosewood has quite possibly THE most inept police department ever.
  4. Maddie Ziegler's guest appearance
    That's never explained?! WHY. Okay so it clues Spencer in, but there's no explanation about who the girl is or why in god's name she's dancing like that.
  5. Radley Mental Hospital
    The most trash baby garbage thing about the entire show. Oh man, there's so many things about this show which are problematic but their portrayal of mental health is undoubtedly the worst.