I'm my best person when I'm going through a manic Muppets phase.

The Muppets are the best, and you're just going to have to fucking deal with it.
  1. Let's start with the fact that Rowlf is without a doubt the best Muppet.
  2. I listen to Kanye's "Blame Game" and think of this gif, without fail.
  3. He's so soulful.
  4. And very, very, very cute.
  5. He's a great Muppet to have around.
  6. So, then there's Pepe the Prawn.
  7. This goofy ass prawn got a heart of gold.
  8. Probably my favorite thing about Pepe is that he calls Kermit "Kermin"
  9. And RIZZO. He's so scrappy and sassy.
  10. Fozzie is the every man. Embarrassing and endearing.
  11. hahahahaha that face Kermit makes
  12. These men taught me to roast folks as much as I want
  13. Gonzo, I'll admit, isn't my fav. But this gif kills me
  14. So good.
  15. The only Christmas movie I recognize is the Muppets Christmas Carol
  16. I have so many feelings about Miss Piggy that'll need to be another list unto itself...
  17. Tbh Kermit kinda pisses me off.
  18. But let's bring it all back to Rowlf