I'm a recovering insomniac: I turn off all devices 30 mins before I plan to go to sleep. That half hour is dedicated for reading. Here are the things I've got on my "nightstand queue":
  1. The Atlantic, April 2016 issue
    Working on the digital side of things is fun! But I still love print, and flipping through the physical pages of the incredible work of my colleagues brings me so much joy! AND THIS MONTH: A PREVIEW OF TA-NEHISI COATES'S 'BLACK PANTHER' 🙌
  2. Zadie Smith, "White Teeth"
    Rereading after a great conversation with a friend last week about how much we both loved Smith's voice and command of narrative.
  3. Jed Horne, "Breach of Faith: Hurricane Katrina and the Near Death of a Great American City"
    Really excellent and well-rounded compilation of reporting and commentary of what exactly happened in New Orleans when Katrina hit. Started re-reading around the time of the 10th anniversary and still working my way through it, bit by bit!
  4. Ishmael Reed, "Mumbo Jumbo"
    My literary ~spirit guide~ friend told me I *needed* to read this. And I will... I promise.
  5. Jorge Luis Borges, "A Universal History of Iniquity"
    A former professor gave me this book years ago and I started reading the first couple of stories, but then life got in the way and it dropped off my radar. But! I'm actively making it a priority to finish!