SUGGESTIONS ARE WARMLY WELCOMED TO BALANCE OUT ALL THIS ICE (BRRRRR) ❄️❄️❄️ // Inspired by @BearSilber's list on euphemisms for money RAP SLANG FOR MONEY
  1. "When the light hit the ice it twankle and glisten"
    Big Tymers "#1 Stunna"
  2. "2 thou for the grill, they cost / white gold teeth, no floss"
    A$AP Ferg "Let It Go" SHABBA!
  3. "When I put ice on, I am Sub-Zero"
    Young Thug "Check"
  4. "My left, right wrist is truly extra cold...I'm so icy my squad run in snow"
    Gucci Mane "Everybody Looking"
  5. "Ring 200 thousand, see the color of the carved out Wu emblem"
    Wu-Tang Clan "The Monument"
  6. "My Cuban Linx bigger than the Wu Tang"
    Future "Freak Hoe"
  7. "All these diamonds in my teeth, yeah I can barely talk"
    Lil Uzi Very "Ballin To The End"
  8. "Shout out to my jeweler, damn it's such a good jeweler"
    Gucci Mane - Sometimes
    Suggested by @andrewsili